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The goal of the Boring Old Business Club is simple…

Help you make more money.

From 1K, to 5K, to 10K a month and beyond.

So you can prosper and make the world a better place in the process.

What is the Boring Old Business Club?

First, it’s a Netflix™ style business training membership site

You’ll get access to our custom app with a library of pre-loaded business courses on a variety of topics including:

  • Copy Club:  How to craft compelling sales copy for your ads, emails, and order pages. Plus access to copy critiques from a seven-figure copywriter.
    • Annual Members Receive: Lightning Fast Copy - My flagship copywriting to write powerful, high converting sales copy lightning fast. (VALUE $299) 
  • 1k-1 Day: How to build an online business that brings in $1k per month in a single day. A complete business roadmap for you to follow. 
  • Email Tactics: How to build your list, write great emails, and make money from your email list! 
    • Annual Members Receive: Blue Collar Email Secrets (value $3,600) - My complete million dollar email marketing system...original clients paid $3,600 for this training.
  • Playing In Traffic: How to generate traffic for your list and offers. Never launch to crickets again...
  • Brainstorm: Business mindset training from a millionaire mentor. Get your mind right and your bank account will follow.
  • Unleashing The Content Kraken: How to create all the content you need to power your ads, emails, products, books, courses, memberships, and coaching programs. Including the eBook Empire and Micro Continuity strategies.
  • SubSnowball: How to create a powerful recurring revenue offer that brings in predictable paydays month after month...
  • Cash Kicker Funnel: How to create an insanely profitable funnel for your online business that maximizes average order value.

+ fresh content added weekly.

And this is training you can’t get anywhere else…giving you an instant edge on your competitors.

Second, it’s a community of like-minded business people dedicated to mastering the fundamentals of marketing, copywriting, content creation, email, and paid traffic.

It’s all hosted in our custom app on the Learnistic platform.

No ghost town Facebook group. No stupid passwords to remember, etc.

And you can access the training right from your phone so you can listen/watch wherever and whenever you want.

You can even download the content for offline consumption.

Business training on tap.

Here’s the deal.

If you take action on this training I guarantee you’ll make money with it.

The promise of this offer is clear cut.

Learn - Apply - Profit.

Not complicated.

If you apply what I teach you and don’t make money I encourage you to drop it like a hot potato.

Why would you stay otherwise?

But we’re not done yet...not even close!

On top of the core membership you’ll get several Big Fat Bonuses…

Who doesn’t love a bonus, right? 

"Membership has its privileges..." 

Big Fat Bonus #1: One Day To 1K

Want $1,000/month side-hustle income?

You do?

Great! Here’s how you can make that a reality. In this training I’ll share how you can launch a $1,000/month online side-hustle in a single day of work. Sure, you’ll need to get up early and put in some WORK. But you can do it…I know you can.

The goal of this bonus is to make your investment in the Boring Old Business Club a no-brainer for the rest of your earthly days! Would you trade $49/month for $1,000?


So would I.

Let’s make that happen…

Big Fat Bonus #2: Rent My Brain

With your membership you get exclusive access to ask me any question you want about your business via email or within the Boring Old Business app.

Like private consulting (within reason of course).

My consulting fee is currently $500/hour so do the math on how valuable this bonus is.

Questions about your business? Copy? Facebook ads? All fair game. 

As long as you don't abuse this privileged access I'm happy to help...

I've gone from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online sales of courses, coaching, and memberships in the past few invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid advertising. 

Most importantly, I've made nearly every mistake in the I can save you a ton of time, energy, and money avoiding the same mistakes!

Big Fat Bonus #3: V.I.P. Pricing

Members will get fat discounts on my current and future courses, books, and coaching programs. Leave the herd behind and laugh as you cut to the front of the line and pay far less for the most valuable business information around. The goal is for these discounts to cover the full cost of your monthly membership over time!

Big Fat Bonus #4: Copy Critiques

Have an ad or sales letter you’d like me to take a look at? I'm at your service. A few times a month I’ll pick member submissions and do copy critiques via video giving pointers on what’s good and what can be improved.

Then we’ll share these videos in the app for everyone to benefit from.

This one bonus alone could easily cover the cost of your membership 100x over...a 1% conversion rate increase could be worth thousands...

As a multiple six-figure earning copywriter I'm confident I can help you improve the "golden skill" of writing copy that converts...

Big Fat Bonus #5: Unleashing The Content Kraken Course

You'll receive instant access to the Unleashing the Content Kraken course inside the app. 

This course will show you how to churn out high quality content for your marketing, courses, books, and memberships that you can profit from for years to come!

Topics include:

  • Creating an eBook Empire
  • How to use micro-content to make more money in less time.
  • The right way to structure your content for maximum interest and impact.
  • How to build memberships and coaching programs powered by simple content you can create in minutes. 
  • The secret of the daily walk...
  • And more!

Big Fat Bonus #6: Club Partnership (Affiliate Program)

This club WILL make you money. Here’s one way you can leverage your club membership into cash. We offer a GENEROUS affiliate program. The goal being that your membership not only pays for itself in training but also literally pays for itself! We have a 50-50 affiliate program for paying members. Share your link and get 50% of the recurring revenue FOR LIFE from those that join. For as long as you remain a paying member in good standing. Pretty great right?

Here’s something to think about…

One of the most important parts of a healthy business is a continuity program. Meaning, a way for people to pay you every month. But it’s also one of the more difficult things to sell and operate when you’re getting started. Well, being a member of the Boring Old Business Club gives you your own continuity program right away!

An incredibly valuable benefit of your membership...

Big Fat Bonus #7: The Presidential Memos (Secret Podcast)

As a seven-figure entrepreneur I've got a LOT to share with you. You'll get a window into how "El Presidente" (as club members affectionately call me) is thinking and operating. How'd you like to get mentored by a seven-figure business owner for less than the cost of your monthly coffee addiction? This is your chance.

Boring Old Business Club members are the ONLY people on the planet that get to hear these mad-ravings from the mind of "El Presidente" and now it's your turn...

Join the club...

As you can see, I’ve rolled out the red carpet for you.

Loaded this membership with so much value it’s nearly bursting at the seams!

So what does a golden ticket like this cost?

Similar programs are in the hundreds of dollars per month but you won’t pay that…

For the next 25 members it’s a measly $199 $49/month or $499/year. (annual option includes 2 incredible courses valued at $3,900)

Less than a cheap date or a round of drinks with friends.

And far, far LESS than you’ll make if you apply even a small amount of the information inside the club.

But head’s up…

The price WILL BE increasing in the near future.

Once we hit 150 members the price goes up.

And it will NEVER be this low again.

Right now I hear you asking, “Jake, why in the heck would you give all of this away for a pathetic $49/month?”

Well my young acolyte there are two reasons…

First, I’ve been so BLESSED on my journey and I truly want to give back. Helping other people prosper is one small way I can help the world become a better place. I’ve learned so much along the way that I want to share with you. Plus I know I can learn from YOU as well.

Second, my goal is to turn you into a happy customer for life. I want to help you make money and in turn help me make money. And that’s really what good business is about, right? Two happy parties.

For those reasons it makes sense for me to massively over-deliver. And, it just sounds like fun!

But of course there are a few terms you need to agree to…

Two simple rules:

#1 You can cancel anytime you want but there are no absolutely no refunds. I simply don’t have the time or patience for that. Pony up the $49 and if it’s not your cup o’ tea you can take your leave.

#2 You can leave anytime you want  but you can't come back (because I value loyalty and commitment over money). This isn’t for info-junkies looking for a fix or get rich quick idiots. This is a club for serious, long-term minded individuals that value training and plan on taking action.

If you can’t make $49/month with the insanely valuable information inside this membership I simply can’t help you. It’s less than $1.65/day to be a member…a bum waving a sign by the side of the road could make more than that…

Between the Club Partnership (affiliate program) and "1k in One Day" training there's absolutely NO reason being a club member won't pay for itself in spades. 

As long as YOU take action.

Make sense?


If you’re ok with those terms and you're willing to implement the training then let’s shake hands and make this happen.

- Jake 

Yes, I Want To Join The Boring Old Business Club

p.s. Heads up! Currently the club is delivered through my custom mobile app and it's MOBILE ONLY. There is a desktop version coming soon but we don't have a release date for that...

The $49 monthly rate is for the next 20 members of the club only...

Once we hit 150 members that price is gone for good. Which makes your club partnership even more valuable as the price goes up and you refer new members at the higher rate.

Again, the goal is that this membership pays for itself in numerous ways...including partnership commissions.

If you refer 2 people at the current rate your membership is paid for. Then it's pure profit.

One last thing...

Monthly "Money Bombs"

Each month I create a bonus training for club members that focuses on a highly valuable money making strategy/tactic I'm using in my business.

Recently I did one "SubSnowball" on how to create highly profitable continuity programs (memberships/etc). I taught the big "secret" of profitable continuity that almost no-one teaches or leverages in their membership sites...that has the power to turn even a "low-ticket" continuity into a 6 or 7 figure business.

But these "money bombs" are only for members.

Just one more incredible reason to jump in right NOW so you don't miss out! 

Join up today at the lowest rate I'll ever offer again...

Yes, I Want To Join The Boring Old Business Club

Introductions are in order...


Hi, my name is Jake and I create info products (aka books and courses) and sell them online.

A few years ago I told my wife, “Babe, I’d like to earn $500/month with a side-hustle to help give us some more wiggle room in our budget.”

By the end of that year we’d made 10X that amount…
From a SINGLE online course!

And now that business has grown to multiple six-figures per year...and I still run it with a laptop and a $50 webcam…while still working full-time at a job I love in the “real” world…

Why Boring Old Business?

Can I let you in on a little secret I've discovered after starting from scratch and making nearly a million bucks online?

Most of the marketing/business training available is a bunch of hype driven nonsense...

After spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours chasing magic marketing unicorns promising the world I realized I was on a wild goose chase. 

So I decided to focus on the fundamentals of business.

Stuff like...

  • Copywriting
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Market research
  • Business design
  • Product and offer creation
  • Email marketing

Just the "boring" old business principles that actually make money. 

My approach to marketing is like the guy that wakes up everyday, puts on his blue jeans, grabs his lunch pail, kisses his wife, and goes to work. 

The Blue Collar Way

The blue collar marketing approach is about 3 things:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Consistency
  3. Authenticity

If you can be yourself, show up everyday to put in the work, and learn the fundamentals you'll be successful.

Anyone can make money online.

As long as they stay the course. 

That's the Blue Collar Way.

And it's the guiding principle behind everything I teach and the Boring Old Business brand.

Ready to get started?

Yes, I Want To Join The Boring Old Business Club

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