A Proven Path For Turning Your Knowledge Or Expertise Into A Successful Side Hustle Or Full Time Business...

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Quickly Creating And Selling Info Products Online


Hey there, 

Do you want to learn how to create and sell info-products like eBooks or online courses?

Which can potentially add another stream of income for you...and help turn your knowledge (even stuff you might not think anyone would care about) into products you can sell?

Because my new book can show you how…

It’s called:

Sell What’s In Your Head:

A Proven Path For Turning Your Knowledge Or Expertise Into A Successful Side Hustle Or Full Time Business

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A 170 page physical book that I’ll happily send you in the good ol' snail mail!

If you've ever wanted to write a book or create a course and put it up for sale online, which quite frankly, is one of the smartest things you can do, this is for you.

Because e-learning is already a mult-billion dollar global industry that's growing rapidly...

And you can carve out your own special piece of the pie using what's taught in the book!

Maybe you’d like to pay off debt, take your family on vacation, or even ditch the 9 to 5 down the road? Or, maybe you've woken up to the reality that trading time for money is no bueno?

This might be your golden ticket.

But hold your horses Bronco...

Because many people want to make money online — but have no clue where to start!

So they stumble through books, blogs, and b.s. Youtube videos made by guys wearing knock-off watches and too much cologne...end up wasting weeks, months, and even years of time...and then quit because they have no clue what they're doing!

But now you don’t need to worry about that!

Because I wrote "Sell What's In Your Head" to take away all the guesswork when it comes to creating and selling information products.

You're just one step away from learning my proven-process for researching, creating, launching, marketing, and profitably selling info products like books, eBooks, courses, webinars, and pretty much anything else you can think of...

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Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Jake and I’m one of the more introverted people you’ll never meet...I’m not interested in “hustling” or posting 17 times a day on Instagram. I don’t have a blog. I don’t have a podcast. I’m certainly not an influencer…

What I do is create info products (aka books and courses) and sell them online.

A few years ago I told my wife, “Babe, I’d like to earn $500/month with a side-hustle to help give us some more wiggle room in our budget.”

By the end of that year we’d made 10X that amount…

From a SINGLE online course!

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My Stripe (payment processor) account from July 2018-July 2019...(first year in business).

And now that business has grown to multiple six-figures per year...and I still run it with a laptop and a $50 webcam…while still working full-time at a job I love in the “real” world…

Plus, having plenty of time to spend with my wife and kids!

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Just pause for a moment and...

✔️Imagine putting a few hours into creating a product you can sell for the rest of your life? (or at least a LONG LONG TIME!)

✔️Imagine being able to comfortably invest for retirement and take your dream vacation without feeling guilty the whole time because you can’t afford it…

✔️Imagine the great feeling of getting an email from someone thanking you for your course or book that changed their life...seriously it happens!

✔️Imagine being able to drop that pesky debt you’ve been carrying around in months not years.

✔️And...going out to eat without feeling sick to your stomach because you can’t afford it...

Sound pretty good?

Read on...

Here’s The Deal:

I’ve put ALL my secrets, strategies, hacks, tips, wisdom, and philosophy about creating and selling info-products into the book!

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It’s all there (the whole kitchen sink), everything you need to launch your own online info-product business. Even if you've never created a course or written a book before.

You’ll learn how to quickly create products (like books or courses) and sell them online. And to prove it...

Here’s A Small Taste Of What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • The BIG mistake most people make when they launch an info-product business that puts them at risk of wasting their time and making ZERO sales. (I learned this from an old out of print book written by an old-school copywriter that I was lucky enough to find on Ebay. When you apply this in your business you’ll know how to nearly guarantee people will buy your products even before you create them. See for yourself on page 23.)
  • A shockingly simple habit that will “unlock” your ability to write and create content like an unstoppable super-human robot! (Your friends and family will laugh and shake their heads as you write books faster than they can READ them. I practice this habit consistently and once wrote 2 books in a single month! It works. Details on page 44.)
  • How to write a book or create courses without being intimidated about your lack of experience, expertise, or how many pages/words it is. (The reality is those things matter far less than most people think they do. In fact, sometimes being an expert can even work against you! Because people like to learn from someone closer to their level. See page 17 to learn more about how you can leverage this principle.)
  • A simple method for making sales that the “Father of Internet” marketing said is, “How the REAL money was and still is made online.” (This TRANSFORMED my business. Seriously. When I applied this to my business it went from an unpredictable roller coaster of good and bad months to blissful stability. Hint: It’s because I stopped chasing the latest marketing fads and learned the fundamentals that I’ll teach you! Find out more on page 77)
  • Why “buyers are liars”...The counterintuitive reason you shouldn’t “ask” your prospects what they want when you’re creating a new product and what you SHOULD do instead for better results. (Here’s how to “follow the money” in any market to know exactly what type of product to create and what angle to market to so you can confidently turn out winners again and again. See the details on page 28.)
  • A laughably simple 3 step process for creating and selling information that you never thought in a million years anyone would want to know...much less buy! (This is the process I used to launch and grow my first business to multiple six-figures per year including how I made over two-grand while taking a nap one day. Page 4-6.)
  • An almost unheard of secret for why you need to make your products 10X more valuable than what people pay. (This can explode your future sales and profits and rocket your business past your competitors. It’s how I was able to enter a small, overcrowded market and immediately grow bigger and faster than more experienced and established competitors. See page 33 to learn more.)
  • For potential authors: The counter-intuitive reason putting your book on Amazon is probably the worst thing you can do and what you should do instead to increase your profits and build your business...FAST! (If you’re even remotely thinking of writing a book you need to read this first. Details on page 9.)
  • The plain Jane, common sense answer to, “What’s the best info-product to create?” (You’ll also learn two dead-simple info-product creation strategies that you can build an entire business on. Page 32)
  • Six proven methods for making your offer a “no-brainer” for your prospects. (You’ll learn how to make your products irresistible to the right people using these secrets that I picked up from devouring “old school” marketing history and through lots of trial and error. Probably the biggest hurdle for most aspiring creators is the inability to explain value or get the sale. After you read this you’ll be fully equipped to make irresistible offers that people rush to buy. Learn how starting on page 49.)
  • Why people are more than willing to pay you for something they can learn for free...and how to clearly communicate why it makes financial sense to do it…

    This tip alone will add massive value to your offers and fundamentally shift how you think about pricing and selling.

    It’s a definite “must know” factor of selling info products and when you pair it with the rest of what’s taught in the book you’ll be able to...

    Acquire readily available information that you can then repackage and sell at a premium price! pg 119, 120 

Here's What Makes It Different

#1 It's Not Just Another Online Course Training.

Those trainings are a dime a dozen but "Sell What's In Your Head" not only teaches you how to create courses, but also other highly valuable info-products so you can serve a much wider audience and run a legitimate information publishing business.

But don't worry, there's plenty of info on creating courses as well! 

#2 You'll Learn How To Create AND Sell Your Products.

The sneaky little secret of the info industry is that most trainings promise you the world if you'll just "create your product" when the reality is much different. You might pour your time, money, and effort down the drain if you don't learn how to actually SELL your info product!

Even if you create the best course or eBook in the world it won't matter if you can't afford to tell people about it.

Thus, the "sell" in "sell what's in your head" is critical! And this book is loaded with incredibly valuable sales and copywriting secrets to help you do just that...

#3 It's About Building Your Business For The Long Term.

For every success story there are thousands of failures. And its usually due to short term thinking and poor business building...

Every year, there are people that make a ton of money quickly only to lose it all just as fast when Google or Facebook makes a small tweak. Like the man who built his house on the sand and when the storm came...great was it's fall!

After several years in this market I've not only learned how to create and sell profitable products but also how to build correctly for the long-term so my business doesn't fall apart when the market shifts or a new technology emerges.

Lots of "meat and potatoes" advice for NOT ONLY building your business FAST...but also RIGHT!

I could go on and on about all the amazing things you'll learn in the book (and I will later) but let's get to the BOTTOM LINE.


As I said earlier, I’ve put ALL my secrets, strategies, hacks, tips, wisdom, and philosophy about creating and selling info-products into this book...

It contains:

Everything You Need To Know To Profitably Create And Sell Info Products Online

And while I could easily charge $5,000 or even $10,000 dollars for this information I'm not going to do that.

Because I want to help YOU achieve your dream like I have.

Plus, I know it's hard when you're starting takes faith and courage to do something like this!

That's why I'm offering you a copy of "Sell What's In Your Head" for only $99.

"Ninety-Nine bucks for a book?!"

Yes. And it's a STEAL. 

Because it's not about the paper and ink...

It's about the VALUE of the INFORMATION inside!

This book is the result of several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of learning and investment on my part...

That's handed to you on a silver platter!

And if you'll apply what's inside...there's absolutely NO TELLING how well you'll do...because starting your own info product business may well be...

 The most empowering decision of your life.

It has been for me.

But Fair Warning...
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This book is NOT FOR EVERYONE.
  • If you’re looking for “get rich quick” this isn’t for you.
  • If you can’t learn and then do it without someone holding your hand...this isn’t for you.
  • If you're not willing to WORK and actually USE this training...please don't buy the book!
Here’s who it is for:
  • People who value their time and want to stop trading it for money.
  • Action takers who are willing to put this information into play.
  • People who can “run the play” but also “think for themselves” when necessary (as it always is in business).
  • People who want to put in the hard work of creating and launching info products for the potential of personal gain but also to make the world a better place by sharing their expertise.

If that sounds like you then read on because I’ve got something cool to show you...


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Because I want to make this offer a true “no-brainer” I’ll give you an incredible bonus if you purchase today.

BONUS: The Boring Old Business Video Vault! ($500 VALUE)

The vault contains over 2 hours of valuable video training including:

  • How To Create A Cash-Kicker Funnel
  • The Art Of The Email Blast Sale
  • High-Converting Sales Page Breakdown
  • How To Swipe Ideas and Content From Marketing Emails
  • Why You Shouldn’t Fear The Unsubscribe
  • Bucket Brigade Marketing
  • Honesty vs Hype: Advanced Persuasion Secret
  • And more!
And you’ll get instant access to all of that when you buy today...

More than enough to keep you busy until the book arrives in the mail!

Plus, to make it easier to get started I want to take ALL your risk away by giving you...

A 1-Year Money Back Guarantee!

When you purchase “Sell What’s In Your Head” I’ll give you an entire year to read it, put it into action, and get results!

If, by that time, you don’t honestly believe the book (and bonus training) are worth what you paid and more...just get in touch and I’ll buy it back from you for what you paid after you ship it back to me.

I’ll just ask you one question, “Did you honestly try?” That’s it.


For only $99 you get access to a potentially life-changing training that can help you build a profitable side-hustle or full time business.

As I said, I could have easily priced this training at $5,000 or even $10,000 because of how valuable it is. (And I may in the future...)

But you get risk-free access for only $99!

Because I know how HARD it can be to get started and I want to help you achieve your dream.

I've been SO incredibly blessed to learn this business model and it's my joy to share it with you!

So what are you waiting for?

This is an opportunity waiting to be grasped! 

And fortune favors the bold...

Grab Your Copy Of "Sell What's In Your Head" Today!

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If you want to learn more then keep reading...

Because we've barely scratched the surface of what's in the book!

Inside you'll also discover...

  • 3 historically proven “hot” markets to launch an offer into that most people will tell you to avoid...and why they’re wrong(You’ll do well if you understand the right way to enter a “crowded” market that’s full of buyers. A proven marketing rule is to zig when they zag. And this is a great example. Because the “new-school” internet gurus are missing something really important with all their worry about red and blue oceans. There’s always room for the right offer. See more on page 26.)

  • Clear and straightforward advice from a true business legend that will instantly improve your understanding of sales, marketing, and show you how to keep your customers happy for life! (When I adapted my business to this principle instead of trying to adapt this principle to my business it changed EVERYTHING. See page 34 for more.)

  • How to launch an online business without a following, audience, or email list and how you can “bootstrap” your way to acquiring all of them without a large budget. (I’ll share my exact strategy for doing this FAST. It’s how I’ve built multiple lists and businesses from scratch. Without product launches, freebies, or partnerships. Pages 83, 84)

  • Why most authors and creators are “trapped” in an outdated pricing model that kills their potential profit and unnecessarily limits how many people they can serve. (One of the most common questions I get is, “How should I price my product?” When you know this you’ll not only know how to price your products correctly but often for much more than you ever imagined. On page 41, 42)

  • The number of customers or “true fans” you need to have a legitimate business that can support and sustain you apart from a 9 to 5. (This lesson opened my eyes to how possible it really is. It’s closer than you may think. See it on page 80.)

  • The two golden skills you must possess to be successful selling online. (Truthfully, if you can master even one of these you’ll be a success. These are the “steak and eggs” of online business. And once you know what they are you can dedicate yourself to mastering them! Page 85)

  • 15 proven info product models that creators have been using successfully for years. (With these you’ll never run out of ideas for your first or next info product. There are so many ways to package and monetize information. And sometimes the one you least expect becomes your most profitable. Page 10.)

  • One question you absolutely need to ask when you’re writing a book or creating a course that will dramatically improve the quality and enjoyment for your customer. (It’s common sense that great products lead to happy customers that will buy again and again but many creators don’t leverage it which is DUMB. Because excellent products do more for the long-term of your business than almost anything else. So how do you do this? See page 43.)

  • How to build a product ecosystem that ends up creating a “cult-like” following around your brand...with new and existing customers banging down the door to buy whatever product you create next…

This strategy is so powerful that it can eventually lead to doing ZERO advertising while still thriving solely on the income from existing customers.

It’s what mega brands like Apple have done to become dominant in their markets and what has the potential to...

Turn Your Business Into A Nearly Unstoppable Profit Machine! pg 103-106

On the topic of profit...

To be successful you'll need to learn how to market and sell your info product...which is why this book is CHOCK-FULL OF AMAZING MARKETING, COPYWRITING, AND SELLING SECRETS LIKE...

  • How to turn boring old facts about your product into hair-raising “gotta have it” sales copy which instantly beefs up your offers without having to add content or bonuses. (A lot of people think they know how to do this but they really don’t. It’s an oft repeated mantra you’ll find plastered all over click-baity blogs and wannabee Facebook groups. But do it right and it’s hugely powerful. Page 67)
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  • What the world’s greatest living copywriter said to add to your sales messaging to explode customer response. (Hint: Seeing is believing. Page 66.)

  • How to use bonuses, even ones you’d never imagine people would want, to dramatically ratchet up the value of your offer and make more sales! (Use these types of bonuses in your offer to increase the value without confusing your customer. You’ll also learn the exact right time you should choose the bonuses to include because if you do it wrong it might actually hurt your offer. See it on pages 69 and 70.)

  • A secret way to “borrow” credibility from celebrities, politicians, and historical figures that’s massively powerful, totally legal, and establishes credibility and “proof” before you’ve even made a single sale! (This is one of the biggest obstacles that new creators face but it won’t be for you after you learn this secret. I’ve used this method to succeed in markets where I was completely unknown. But by using this I was able to provide “proof” to my prospective customers. Learn how to do this for yourself on pages 66, 67.)

  • Why “offers” always outperform “products” and are the key to your success as an entrepreneur (Page 49)...The foolproof formula that nearly guarantees your offers are truly “no-brainers” for your customers (Page 50)...Why it’s your job to make your customers say: “This is too good to be true” and then prove them wrong! (Page 51)...and the HUGE pricing mistake even advanced marketers make that paradoxically leads to lower sales and profits (Page 52).

  • How to get customers begging to purchase your products by using a little known form of urgency that’s misunderstood and mostly ignored by 99% of online marketers that are just looking to make a quick buck…because it requires skill and hard work to pull off…

This “psychological urgency” is so powerful that it’s been known to cause people who don’t even need a particular product to buy you’ve got to use it responsibly.

It’s one of the reasons copywriters with a conscience guard their they don’t fall into the wrong hands. When you understand it, you’ll see why it must be used responsibly.

Luckily, it’s not easy and can’t be “swiped” or “hacked” which keeps it out of reach for crooks and lazy folks. It requires a deep understanding of human psychology, the target market, and the product itself. But when you deploy it correctly it can…

Make you impossible to ignore! pg 73, 74

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After launching multiple info product business I've learned a TON of time and money saving tricks that I can't wait to share with you...

And I've packed as many as possible into the book!

Here are a few more...

  • How to “hack” a profitable course together in just a few days that will outperform the “pro” level courses out there because of something so simple that many people overlook 38
  • My favorite tools for getting your book professionally formatted and an awesome cover designed that won’t cost you a dime! pg 45, 46.
  • The amazingly popular product I created with a $50 webcam and an old computer. (I was shocked at the response. See it on page 6.)
  • Why “bigger” is definitely NOT better when it comes to books or courses. (Here’s PROOF. See it on page 42.)
  • How to leverage the power of urgency to create a buying 72.
  • The common mistake people make while creating content that kills the creative 44.
  • Why most people’s idea of “passive” income is nothing but a myth...and what actions actually DO create “passive” income streams. See more on page 14.
  • The horrible, terrible, no-good advice almost everyone repeats to people who are just starting out online that is almost guaranteed to slow down your growth if it doesn’t kill your business before it even gets off the ground! pg 91.


Why you don’t need a “funnel” or a complex process and how to launch and run your business with one single page...seriously just ONE...and if you don’t want to you NEVER have to add another! Pages 91-95.

  • How to build an email list FAST without going broke in the process. (Including the type of email list strategy you should use if you’re cash-poor but time-rich and a proven process for creating lead magnets that attract the right people and repel the wrong ones. This and more on pages 96-99.)
  • All the software and tools you need and the ones you definitely don’t. (Save yourself some cash and tech headaches right from the start. Pages 107-112.)
  • The common limiting beliefs that will kill your success before you even get started. (Here’s how to beat them and start thinking like a winner before you even enter the game. These secrets are worth their weight in gold. In a hyper competitive market it’s the business person with a “steel-trap” mind that has the edge. If you’re going to sell what’s in your head you need to make sure it’s screwed on straight! Page 113.)
  • A fiendishly powerful strategy created by one America’s founding fathers for “buying back” your own time so you can write, record, or create your info products without distraction or guilt over neglecting other tasks. (One of my all time favorite productivity hacks that I use religiously to churn out content and outpace my competitors almost effortlessly. It’s FREE and relatively easy once you do it consistently. See it on pages 120-124.)
  • The 2 things that make or break your email list. (It doesn’t matter a lick how BIG it is if you don’t get these 2 things right. See them on page 129.)
  • The “smack your forehead” dumb mistake many people make with their list because they don’t do THIS. (It’s the cardinal sin of email marketing IMHO. But it’s easy to remedy. And, contrary to popular belief, people won’t be mad at you for selling to them via email or sending lots of emails so you can FIX it even faster if you do. Learn how on page 130.)
  • How to build your business with elegance so it runs smoothly and can be scaled up almost effortlessly if you want it too…

After years of experience I’ve learned the “hard way” how to run businesses that don’t run me...because you’re probably interested in saving-time and working less, not more...but most people launch their online businesses and then immediately get on a life-time hamster wheel!

I’ll show you how to bake your desired time commitment and lifestyle into your business from the start so it doesn’t take over your life and instead…

Helps You Create The Life You’ve Always Wanted!

Grab Your Copy Of "Sell What's In Your Head" Today!

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