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Why Boring Old Business?

Can I let you in on a little secret I've discovered after starting from scratch and making nearly a million bucks online?

Most of the marketing/business training available is a bunch of hype driven nonsense...

After spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours chasing magic marketing unicorns promising the world I realized I was on a wild goose chase. 

So I decided to focus on the fundamentals of business.

Stuff like...

  • Copywriting
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Market research
  • Business design
  • Product and offer creation
  • Email marketing

Just the "boring" old business principles that actually make money. 

My approach to marketing is like the guy that wakes up everyday, puts on his blue jeans, grabs his lunch pail, kisses his wife, and goes to work. 

The Blue Collar Way

The blue collar marketing approach is about 3 things:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Consistency
  3. Authenticity

If you can be yourself, show up everyday to put in the work, and learn the fundamentals you'll be successful.

Anyone can make money online.

As long as they stay the course. 

That's the Blue Collar Way.

And it's the guiding principle behind everything I teach and the Boring Old Business brand.

Ready to get started?




Boring Old Business...But It Works

Remember the good old days?

When clicks were cheaper than dirt.

34 people in the entire world advertised on social media...

...and all you needed to succeed in online biz was a website?

Yeah, me neither.

Because I didn't build my biz in 2003.

I built it in the last few years at one of the most competitive times ever. All without prior experience online, an existing list, a product/offer, or any launch money.

Here's the thing.

With everyone blabbing about how easy it is to start an online biz...

And taking pics in front of rented lambos...

It's easy to get caught up in the hype.

But that's a BIG mistake.

Because business isn't easy.

But it IS simple.

Online - offline...doesn't matter.

It boils down to 3 things.

Market, Offer, and Service.

Or you could say it like this:

Who you serve, what you serve, and how you serve.

And the rest is either secondary or unimportant.

But that's boring huh?

We'd rather hear about making bank working 10 minutes a day from our beach house in Spain...

Sorry Charlie...but you need to hear this...

Most of the online business noise is hype.

Or outright lies...

I know because I've been there, done that, and bought the Tee-shirt...

I peeked behind the curtain and...let's just say it's not all sunshine and roses back there.

Bro with the Lambo? Sis living dat perfect Insta-life doh?

Yeah, not so much...

Everyone's got a "secret" or "system" that promises the moon.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of great stuff out there, yes even some secrets and systems. But there are also plenty of hype-rats that would love to sell you a course for 6 large teaching you all the stuff that will keep you stuck...

Good news and bad news, young padawan.

Bad news first.

Most people fail at online biz. (but not why or how you think...)

And, there's no such thing as a shortcut.

To actually be successful you'll need to work smart and hard.

You know, actually read some books...develop your knowledge and some late nights...and get out of your comfort zone...

But ah, my friend!

The sweet taste of success.

Here's the good news...

A successful online business is within your grasp.


You're willing to dive into the beautiful, boring, basics like a pig into warm mud.

And do the work.

The fun part?

I'll give you the treasure map.

But you've got to dig.

If that's not your cup o tea I'm sure there's a goo-roo that will happily sell you a course on building an online business while you nap in your yacht...

Or, you could kick it old-school with me and let me show you the actual ropes.

Here's the deal:

I've got this email list, see, and I send a LOT of emails. But only ones that will ACTUALLY help you build your business bigger, faster, and smarter...

If that sounds know what to do next...



Get Daily Lessons On Growing Your Business

Yes, I understand I'll receive daily emails containing business related training and relevant promotional offers to help me grow my business.

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Aaron and Dani -

There is absolutely no way we could have started our business without Jake. He made the mysterious process of starting an online business simple.

Our funnel was up and running in no time, we avoided a bunch of extra work, and we could pour our attention into our product instead of endless technical details.

Most of all, Jake helped us change our mindset. That wasn’t why we joined him at first, but it ended up making the biggest difference between launching a business or letting another good idea go to waste.

Now, not only have we launched an online business, we’ve become the type of people who believe in ourselves enough to execute, and that’ll pay us for the rest of our lives!

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Andre C.

This may sound like an exaggeration, but it is the honest to God truth.

The Blue Collar Email Secrets have been the most valuable training I have ever had in my 47 years of life.

If I am honest, I was hesitant because I have never made an investment in myself at that cost. Heck I have never bought a $100 book like, Sell What's In Your Head before.

Truth is the book blew me away first. It took me some serious thought before signing up for the Blue Collar Email Secrets, but I took the leap.

This level of training, really makes college a waste of time, and its a whole lot cheaper.

This course turned out to be the blueprint from start to finish how to run a complete information product business. Much... much more than just emails.

I am giving this review because this training has change the trajectory of my entire life.... No Joking!

Heck, I don't even give reviews.

Jake, Thank you so much brother. Your transparency, integrity and openness to share these key secrets are a game changer.

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Shawn H. - Life Coach

Jake is a phenomenal teacher and encourager. His life experience and ability to communicate emboldens me to pursue what seems out of reach with the confidence that I can actually get it done.

The Blue Collar method is practical and easily built on if you are willing to do the work. Out of all the materials I have bought, read, watched and tried to assimilate, this process makes the most sense and gives practical walkthroughs that will help you Sell What's In Your Head.

Hi. I'm Jake.

A few years ago I told my wife, “Babe, I’d like to earn $500/month with a side-hustle to help give us some more wiggle room in our budget.”

By the end of that year we’d made 10X that amount…
From a SINGLE online course!

And now that business has grown to multiple six-figures per year...and I still run it with a laptop and a $50 webcam…while still working full-time as a pastor in the “real” world…

Now, on top of running a large email list for pastors and church leaders I also help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses through copywriting, paid advertising, and email marketing. Glad to meet you! 

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Get Daily Lessons On Growing Your Business

Yes, I understand I'll receive daily emails containing business related training and relevant promotional offers to help me grow my business.

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